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We offer a wide range of different services for coaches, clubs and federations.


Let's work together to develop and expand the TeamGym community.

Floor routine production

Artistry and choreography are key components in creating a successful floor routine for a team.


Sofie Ny and Julie Bjørnskov are two of the best choreographers in Denmark. They both have a passion for combining their interests in gymnastics, dance, coaching, and education, and spend most of their time developing and connecting these areas to create wonderful floor routines that bring out the potential of their own and other teams around Europe.


Both of them have coached multiple teams that compete in the highest national league in Denmark and won as well as choreographed for some of the danish national teams.



Want or need inspiration for drills to help your gymnast learn new skills and movements or to keep your practices inspiring and motivating?

Or do you wish for better tools to teach skills safely to gymnasts or prevent injuries if they make a mistake?


We offer tailored courses for your club, team or federation in the following areas:

  • Floor choreography

  • Floor elements

  • Forwards and backwards tumbling

  • Trampette and vault

  • Spotting


Skill Technique & Progression

The bigger the foundation, the higher the peak, which means that big things come from doing the small things correctly. The more we drill in the early years, the better habits we will develop over time.

Consistency is crucial in development. Making sure we set up our programs as consistent and concise as possible can make all the difference. What drills, movement or elements should we focus on for each age group? What are the key technique points in each skill? How much time should we prioritise for backwards vs. forwards tumbling or different floor movements?


The End Result

  • Flow chart for skills development

  • Age appropriate skill development model

  • Prioritized training model

  • Technical skill specifications


Coach Development - Lesson Plans & Periodisation

The periodisation of an annual plan is the tool that guides the training over a season or multiple seasons. It is an essential component, because it helps the coach divide the training year into phases with specific training goals.


From the periodisation of an annual plan, we can tailor the lesson plans to maximize the chances of development and results. Furthermore it gives us the opportunity to evaluate the phase or season and adjust our goals and lesson plans.


The End Result

  • Knowledge of what goes into a periodized annual plan 

  • An annual plan template to continue work on. 

  • Learn to write lesson plans that are true towards the annual plan.


Mentorship Program

For those who want inspiration, sparring and to be challenged on their current coaching style - we have a season long mentorship program. This course consists of developing a periodized seasonal and lesson plans with monthly sparring and evaluation, as well as sparring on different challenges that might occur during a season in your club, on the team or for a single gymnast.

Course Structure

  • Virtual meetings.

  • “Homework” between meetings.

  • Access to sparring and exchange of ideas and solutions.


What is required of you?

  • Study hours for developing a draft of a seasonal plan.

  • Weekly evaluation of your lesson plan and your coaching performance.

  • Monthly evaluation of the current month and sparring for the upcoming.

The End Result

  • Get a better understanding of how to build a season program and write lesson plans.

  • Be able to set team and individual goals.

  • Know how to evaluate your lesson plans and coaching style and adjust accordingly.

  • Become better at coaching, guiding and motivating your gymnasts.


Club Development

Through analysis, knowledge sharing and sparring, Gymnastic academy can support the development of your club's culture, sports strategy, training and competition environment. With a structured collaboration we will help you identify areas of development and put down an action plan to achieve it. We will support you every step of the way.


Course Structure

  • Virtual and in-person meetings.

  • “Homework” between meetings.

  • Access to sparring and exchange of ideas and solutions.

The End Result

  • This will depend on the areas we identify and choose to work on, but at the end of the day, this should translate into a better sports environment for members which in time should produce better results and thriving gymnasts.

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