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What is First and Last Goal Betting? Revealing 3 Effective Strategies

First and Last Goal Betting is a type of bet commonly offered by football betting websites on their betting boards.

Despite being categorized as a side bet, it is widely favored by many players due to its exciting betting style and, most importantly, its ease of prediction, leading to high effectiveness.

Read on below to find out, and you'll see I'm not exaggerating at all.

What is First and Last Goal Betting?

First and Last Goal Betting is a type of soccer tips 365 set by bookmakers, specifically betting on which team will score the first and last valid goal in the match.

The prediction in this type of bet revolves around which team will score the first and last valid goal within the official 90 minutes of the match.

First and Last Goal Betting: A Super Easy Bet

Thus, when placing bets on this market, players do not need to focus on which team will win the match but can rely on other factors such as team strength or on-field developments to make accurate predictions.

For most bettors, this type of bet is much easier to play compared to predicting the exact score of the match, handicap betting, or 1X2 betting, as it simply requires observing the game's dynamics and strategizing.

Basic Strategies for First and Last Goal Betting

To successfully place bets, first, you need to grasp the basic knowledge of this betting format.

If you already know, you can test your memory right away.

a) Reading the Betting Board

On the bookmaker's board, when setting First/Last Goal bets, you will find accompanying information such as:

Tournament name + names of the two teams: This information is absolutely essential.

Time of placing the bet: First Half (H1) or Full Time (FT).

Additionally, you will see bet types such as:

First Goal: Betting on the team to score the opening goal right after the kick-off whistle.

Last Goal: Betting on the team to score the last goal before the referee blows the final whistle (or at HT).

b) Rules for First and Last Goal Betting

Not every instance of conceding a goal by the opposing team is recognized and counted towards the bet result.

Goals for the First/Last Goal bets are recognized and counted as follows:

Valid Goal: Officially recognized by the referee and displayed on the match scoreboard. This means goals that are not recognized, such as offside goals, foul-induced goals, or invalid goals, are not counted in the bet result.

Own goals: Credited to the opponent.

If the match is canceled before kickoff: Refund the ticket.

If the match is canceled after the kickoff and there is no goal, the ticket is canceled. If there is already a goal, count the First Goal bet and cancel the Last Goal bet.

c) Placing Bets

After understanding the terms and symbols, the next thing you need to know is how to place the most accurate bets. Specifically:

Time: You can place bets before the match or during the match. Once a goal has been scored, only bet on the Last Goal.

Odds: Calculated at the time of ticket confirmation.

Betting Method: Click on the Odds of the desired bet, enter the amount, and confirm.

d) Calculating First and Last Goal Betting Winnings

The bet amount is calculated based on the Asian Handicap odds and simply:

Winning Amount = Capital * Odds (selected bet)

Loss Amount = Capital invested.

3 Tips for Playing First and Last Goal Betting Like a Pro

According to long-time players, this type of soccer tipster is relatively easy, but in reality, we need to combine many different criteria to make the best choice.

Here are a few pointers to help you make more accurate predictions for this type of bet.

1. Choose the right time - The standard way to bet on the First and Last Goal

Players are advised not to bet too early. It's best to wait until the match starts to see how the attacking positions of the two teams are played out before making a move.

Of course, the first goal will go to the team with a stronger attacking force, playing more pressing.

For the last goal, you should wait until at least the middle of the second half, watching the stamina and current spirit of both teams.

2. Some suggestions for the first goal

In the First and Last Goal Betting approach, the first goal is easier to predict than the final goal.

The following suggestions are quite standard for bettors to choose the opening goal:

If the level or team is much different, you can look at the Asian Handicap odds to see the superior team. Chấp trên 1.5 vậy cứ mạnh dạn đầu tư vào đội cửa trên sẽ có bàn thắng đầu. Nếu chấp từ 0.75 trở xuống, nên chọn đội chủ nhà có bàn thắng đầu.

Choose the team with a more offensive style to have the opening goal.

Bet on the team with players who can score more goals.

3. Some tips for choosing the final goal

At least wait 20 minutes into the second half. This is when the decision is made based on the situation and specific developments on the field:

Should choose buy premium soccer tips the final goal for the team that is trailing in case the two teams are evenly matched in terms of qualifications. If the two teams have different levels, choose the leading team.

Choose the team with better physical ability.

Put money on the team with better aerial play.

Choose the team with the ability to shoot far well.

Choose the team with a more comfortable competitive spirit.


Playing the First and Last Goal Betting is very interesting and quite easy to bet, isn't it?

In addition to this betting method, there are also accurate score bets, total goals... Very interesting for you to combine and increase your luck.


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